Total Calculator

Have you ever tried to add up a long list of numbers in an ordinary calculator? One wrong button press and you have to start all over (Seriously, what a pain!)

Total Calculator was inspired by the need for a better calculator. One that can add and subtract a LOT of numbers without ever losing track of where you are. With Total Calculator, you are allowed to see (and delete) every number you've entered. This is an easy way to make sure your long addition and subtraction is accurate the first time.

• Easily add & subtract hundreds of numbers at a time
• Scroll down to see each entry
• Swipe left to delete any number
• Currency & plain number modes
• Red & green mode to easily see positive and negative numbers
• Copy or clear total (just tap on the total)

Total Calculator is the App Store's only line by line calculator app that records each number you've added and subtracted. It's perfect for adding up expenses in your budget, tallying points, and any case when you need to add and subtract a series of numbers. Not only are you allowed to tally huge amounts of numbers - you can scroll down to see if you typed them in correctly or missed one you meant to include. If you entered a wrong number, just swipe it left to delete it. Try doing that in a normal calculator app!

Bonus features: In coming updates you'll be able to add notes to each entry, change color schemes, rearrange/edit existing numbers & more. Leave a review if you have any suggestions or compliments!

Happy calculating ;)

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